Doctor Eggman threatens the planet with another doomsday weapon while the Echidna Empire begins planning for the future. And as if they didnít have enough trouble as it, Sonic the Hedgehog and the Freedom Fighters find themselves on the wrong side of GUN, the United Federationís military defence force...

Season 2 contains Eon's World Vol. 1, Chapters 18 through 34.


Chapter 18 - Firestorm

Chapter 19 - The Wars to Come

Chapter 20 - Warped

Chapter 21 - The Dark Dream

Chapter 22 - Firewalker

Chapter 23 - Deception

Chapter 24 - A Parting of Ways

Chapter 25 - The Royal Gala

Chapter 26 - Future Tense

Chapter 27 - Pyramid Scheme

Chapter 28 - Bounty

Chapter 29 - Rogue Island

Chapter 30 - Public Enemies

Chapter 31 - Renegades

Chapter 32 - Vendetta

Chapter 33 - The Imperial Guardian

Chapter 34 - Insurrection (Season Finale)


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