August 8, 2020

Content warning: blood, death


Commentary for August 8, 2020:

I take my inspiration for Knuckles from a variety of sources. Primarily, the Eonís World version of him is based on the Knuckles of the Sonic Adventure series, the Fleetway Sonic comic, Sonic X, and more recently the Archie Sonic comic. (I suppose thereís a bit of a dash of IDW Sonicís Knuckles in there too, now.) What it boils down to is that I prefer the stoic, serious portrayals, where he is driven by his duty to protect the Master Emerald and he takes great pride in his heritage and his ancestry, but can be a little gullible and easily goaded with the right words.

I often think of characters in terms of D&D alignments, and I think Knuckles (this version, anyway) probably falls somewhere between lawful good and lawful neutral -- and probably closer to neutral. You see, I donít think Knuckles is overly concerned by matters of justice or who rules the world, so long as Angel Island and the Master Emerald are safe. And thereís the rub, of course, because if certain people were in charge, Angel Island and the Master Emerald wouldnít be safe. This is how Knuckles can be motivated to help the good guys, but is always distant, aloof, and never willing to outright join them as a Freedom Fighter -- not even an honorary one.

Where am I going with this? Nowhere, really, I just find just discussions of characters in terms of alignment fascinating. The point I want to make is, Sora-Ya has profoundly wounded Knuckles by basically brainwashing and enslaving him to her cause, turning him away from his lifeís work and making him betray his ancestors. He has been dishonoured and now he wants revenge.

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