July 12, 2020



Commentary for July 12, 2020:

So, this is actually reasonably faithful to the original version of this story, which was told in Eonís Comic #120 through #122. Sonic was ambushed by GUN while leaving Eggmanís Pyramid Base and then the GUN troops were attacked by robots, allowing Sonic a chance to escape. The two major differences are that instead of Sigma-Alpha 2, it was General Davis himself who came here, with a team of nameless GUN regulars, and the Badniks were actually a bunch of Doctor Wilyís Robot Masters from Mega Man. No, not Robot Master sprites I was using as Badniks -- in-universe, they were Robot Masters built by Doctor Wily, because Eonís Comic had a bunch of stuff from Mega Man in it that I dropped for Eonís World. It was also pretty dark, with some of those soldiers being slaughtered by the attacking Robot Masters, which is not the case here. (And letís be real here, thatís ultimately because these guys arenít just nameless soldiers.)

Funny thing is, though, I actually think the fighting on this page is more vicious than in the original, even though itís non-lethal. Weíve got GUN soldiers literally throwing Sonic to the ground, cold clocking him with an elbow to the face, and holding him down under their boot while holding a gun to his head. I wanted to make the stakes here feel much more real for Sonic and to really impress upon the reader how serious his situation is. Moreover, that last bit in panel 5 was very important to me to get in here, for reasons of symbolism; the boot of military authoritarianism stomping on the spirit of freedom.

People say Sonic (and other entertainment franchises white cisgender men enjoyed as children) shouldnít be political and complain loudly whenever it is (or rather, whenever it includes politics those white cisgender men donít like or canít ignore); but all stories are political, and Sonic has always had environmentalist and antiauthoritarian themes to it. So what Iím showing here is on brand. Die mad about it.

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