March 15, 2020

Content Warning: blood


Commentary for March 15, 2020:

You may have already called this if you know anything about Blaze. All seven Sol Emeralds gathered in one place, intense action, the fate of the world hanging in the balance. Itís all a recipe for someone getting a super form and that someone is Blaze, of course.

Now, apparently Sega has a rule that only male hedgehogs can turn super using the power of the Chaos Emeralds. This wasnít always true, as both Tails and Knuckles had super forms in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, but then Sega does draw a distinct line between classic and modern Sonic these days. Burning Blaze is a possible exception, but then her super form doesnít come from the Chaos Emeralds; it comes from the Sol Emeralds. In any case, Iím firmly against the idea that only male hedgehogs can turn super. It seems awfully speciesist and very sexist to boot. That said, I donít know if anyone besides Sonic and Shadow will ever turn super in Eonís World, but know that this universe at least does not operate under that rule.

Anyway, I figured that turning super would also fully heal Blaze, which is why the nasty cuts on her face are gone now.

Credits: Blaze the Cat sprites originally by Kaijin.

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