June 4, 2020



Commentary for June 4, 2020:

There was a brief moment, while writing this script, in which I considered having Sonic simply leave Jet behind, rather than circling back to save him from the lightning. Instead, Wave and Storm would come and rescue him. But that struck me as way too dark and way too cold for Sonic. Jetís a jerk and heís done nothing to endear himself to Sonic so far, but neither has he really done anything bad enough to deserve to be fried by lightning. And, even if he had, I donít think Sonic would do that even to his own worst enemy. But heís not above giving Jet a good scare to at least teach him a lesson.

And that brings me to a thing thatís always bugged me about Jet. Why does he think being able to outrun Sonic on Extreme Gear makes him the fastest thing alive? At the risk of making the subtext text, Sonic is naturally fast, capable of breaking the sound barrier without any special equipment, whereas Jetís only fast on a hover board. Take that away from him and what has he got? I think this is why Iíve never particularly enjoyed Jet as a character and, frankly, I donít know if the Babylon Rogues will even make another appearance in Eonís World. They may, but I suspect Iíll be using them very sparingly if they do.

Oh yes, Iíd be remiss if I didnít mention that this scene was inspired by a similar scene in Archie Sonic issue 277, in which Sonic led a Badnik into a bunch of lightning strikes on Thunder Plains. Heck, his line in panel 3 here is lifted straight from that scene.

Credits: Jet the Hawk sprites adapted from sprites by Dead-Meme and Kid222; Wave the Swallow sprites originally by Zig Sonar; Storm the Albatross sprites originally by Cylent Night.

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