February 3, 2020



Commentary for February 3, 2020:

Okay, so first things first, this story was originally going to be Chapter 20. I had planned for Chapter 19 to immediately continue where Chapter 18 left off yesterday, but I decided to postpone that story, so we could look in on some other characters first and foremost, but also because of the dates in-universe. This chapter is actually set over two weeks after Chapter 18. I felt it was just feel kind of odd for the continuation of the last chapterís story arc to be set several weeks later without first breaking to pick up some other charactersí stories.

In the script to this chapter, I had no intention of the GUN officer meeting with President Mortimer being a named character. He was just a nameless generic officer who is only referred to by rank. But then I thought, why not do what I did in Chapter 3 and make the GUN representative a named character who is going to return? Immediately, I thought of Dennet, who you may recall from Chapters 6 and 7 of Eonís World Vol. 2, by which time he is an admiral in the Union Fleet. Well, here he is eight years earlier, when he is still a captain in GUNís navy, and acting as a liaison to political leaders like President Mortimer.

Thatís actually a bit of truth in fiction, by the way. In forces like the Royal Navy, for instance, most captains and above tend to have desk jobs, whereas actually commanding ships tends to fall to commanders and lieutenant commanders. Or, so Iíve been told. I donít pretend to be an expert.

Anyway, one last comment. The Meridian flag on top of the Presidential Estate was so tiny in previous shots of the building like that, that it just vaguely looked like the US flag. Now, the Meridian flag is essentially based on the US flag, but with blue stripes as well as red and white and a different pattern in the canton to the USAís fifty stars. Meridia occupies an area of land that corresponds in large part to the actual USA (as well as most of Mexico and Central America). But it is not the USA, nor is it even a successor state of the USA, because the USA ceased to exist over fifty thousand years ago. Because of that, I wanted the flag to be a little clearer, so as to avoid confusion. But I guess a stripy red, white, and blue flag is always going to make people think, ďUSAĒ. Perhaps I should have gone for something different.

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