June 10, 2020



Commentary for June 10, 2020:

So, I feel kinda naughty here. I have to admit, while I was okay using the Chaos Angel derived background sprite Iíd made for the Temple of Chaos at first, I ended up being pretty unsatisfied with it, overall. And since Iíd decided that using 3D models for things like Area 99 was acceptable, I decided to use the model I made for the Temple back in 2014 (specifically for Chapter 5 of Eon's World Vol. 2). I mean, itís a bloody good model, so why not? But I didnít want this kind of dramatic shift in styles when I came into doing Eonís World Vol. 1. I wanted things to look pretty consistent throughout. But I guess that was always an unrealistic expectation. Fact is, as I do this, Iím going to get better at it, and there is absolutely no point keeping the quality of my work deliberately poorer than it could be. And thatís something that may be even more important going forwards but, well... *knowing smile*

Anyway, yes, Knuckles has been subdued by the Echidna Empire! In the original version of this story, the Imperials managed to seize control of the island while Knuckles was absent on other business -- specifically, heíd been involved in the robot duplicate of Amy story. But in this version, Knuckles hasnít left the island in months. But I figured if the Imperials jumped him by coming through multiple warp rings all at once and taking him by surprise, they could probably bring him down, which is why we are where we are. But showing that would have spoiled the mystery, which is why the first we see of them is Kari-Yaís scouting patrol and Sora-Ya interacting with a captive Knuckles.

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