January 22, 2020



Commentary for January 22, 2020:

Donít worry, folks! Creamís not always going to get sidelined like this, but thereís only so many characters I can reasonably have on an adventure before these panels get way too crowded.

Anyway, looks like the cryo containment unit wasnít quite up to the task, after all. Continuing a long-term theme Iíve got on the go here, Iíve always felt that Eggmanís arrogance and overconfidence were his greatest weaknesses, which makes a lot of sense given his inflated opinion of himself as an unparalleled genius, but who is nevertheless frequently defeated by a teenage hedgehog with no advanced education to speak of.

Bomber-1, the Badnik in charge of Eggmanland while the boss is offsite, is a reference to the pilot episode of the SatAM cartoon, ĎHeads or Tailsí from way the heck back in 1993, which featured a Buzzbomber whose callsign was Bomber-1. However, itís also a reference to something from back in the original Eonís Comic.

Before I got this website to host the comic on, Eonís Comic and my previous limited series sprite comics were hosted on a website called the Chaos Confederation, which was jointly operated by a pair of old acquaintances of mine, who were known online as Buzzbomber and Egg Robo. As a nod to that (and also because, as every piece of Sonic fiction ever has proven, Eggman needs hapless minions to gloat and rant at and generally abuse), I made Buzzbomber and Egg Robo into a duo of elite Badnik overlords, who served Eggman in much the same role characters like Snively, Scratch and Grounder, Grimer, et cetera have fulfilled throughout the years. I had considered including them here in the remake, but I decided to go with Orbot and Cubot instead, since they are incredibly fun to write.

But I digress.

That left me with no role for the overlord Badniks in Eonís World, and thatís still true, really. But in Eonís Comic, Overlord Buzzbomber was left in charge of Eggmanland while Eggman was away, so Bomber-1 is also a reference to that.

Finally, talking of minions, I might as well say this here, since I may not get a chance to say it anywhere else, but I have seriously considered including characters like Snively or Grimer in Eonís World. Heck, I even made a complete sheet of Grimer sprites about a decade ago now that ultimately were never used. The problem with those guys is that they were pretty complex characters in their respective universes, especially Snively, and if I were to include either of them, Iíd feel compelled to really justify that inclusion with some serious character arcs that Iím not sure I can fit in to the overarching narrative of Eonís World. Itís not that I donít think I could do it, itís just that I donít really want to.

On the other hand, Orbot of Cubot are just a pair of fun robo lackeys who arenít terribly deep or complex, but are fun to write without demanding any deep dives into their character histories, their relationships with their master, their lifelong traumas, or their hopes and dreams.

Credits: Blaze sprites originally by Kaijin.

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