May 14, 2020



Commentary for May 14, 2020:

There is definitely something amiss with Lady Vanilla, but that much should have been obvious after this scene in Chapter 23, ne?

Anyway, I mentioned that Cream was going to be one of this chapter’s three main protagonists. Now here are the other two! Yes, finally, Amy Rose is getting more than just a cameo in a chapter of Eon’s World! It only took until... Chapter 27. Eh, to be fair, while she did appear in issue 25 of the Archie Sonic series, she didn’t become more than a minor character until much, much later. If you wanted to see Amy truly shine in the mid to late 90’s, Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic is where it was at. (Heck, for the longest time, I’d honestly say Fleetway had the best version of Amy; really, she was one of the few areas where that book truly shined over its American counterpart... at least, while it was still in print. Archie Sonic became so much better in the long run -- including where Amy was concerned.) But I digress; my point is, I will not be taking anywhere near as long as Archie to do Amy justice.

Now, for my part, I’d like to draw on the various different versions of Amy for how I characterise her. It should go without saying that I really want to showcase the strong and smart girl that is Amy Rose at her best. But, of course, we do have that more one-dimensional character trait of hers to contend with and that is, of course, her crush on Sonic. I don’t want her to be so obsessed with Sonic that it’s creepy (see Sonic Heroes), but I also don’t want to completely sweep her infatuation with him under the rug either. I feel like the Archie series struck a decent balance towards the end of Vol. 1 and throughout Vol. 2 and the IDW series has got off to a good start with it, too. Heck, Amy’s basically quoting something Sonic says in issue 2 of the IDW book in panel 6.

Oh yes, Tekno the Canary is the other protagonist. They’ve appeared a handful of times in this season so far, but only as a minor character. Now they’re finally going to get to be a main character! It seemed fitting to me, considering Amy and Tekno were always going on adventures together in the latter half of the Fleetway book. Tekno was always a tech wizard in Sonic the Comic, very much that book’s version of Rotor, honestly, which is why I’ve shown them working together so much. Of course, both characters were created to fill that role in their respective books before Tails was given it in the games (and later in the Archie comics), so part of me worried about having too many engineer/inventor characters in the Freedom Fighters. But I guess I kind of deal with that by having Tekno and Rotor fill more of a support role back at base rather than being field agents, as it were.

Finally, I’d just like to say a few words about Tekno’s house. If you played Freedom Planet, you’ll probably recognise it as having been somewhat heavily customised from Lilac’s tree house. I did consider just using the tree house without any alterations, but it was built for much larger sprites, so I needed to lower the parapets on the balconies first and then one change led to another until I got what I have now. But no regrets! I like it and I think it fits better with the established aesthetic of Knothole in Eon’s World.

Credits: Additional Vanilla the Rabbit sprites originally by Danny Robson the Ice Fox.

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