August 27, 2020



Commentary for August 27, 2020:

Eggman was actually going to check up on Sonic a few pages back, but his Death Egg Robot took a missile to the face from a GUN mech and that was kind of distracting. Itís only now that GUN is pulling back some of their forces that heís got a moment to collect himself and wonder what Sonicís up to. And of course, since Sonic broke the tracker device he gave him, he canít immediately find out where he is. I really hope that was obvious from the visual storytelling.

Anyway, in the original version of this story in Eonís Comic #129, Sonicís friends got up to the surface and also found no shuttle waiting for them. Has the Freedom Stormer been destroyed, taking Sally, Nicole, and Timmons with it? Is any help coming? Are Sonic and the Freedom Fighters all going to die...? You can probably figure it out, but come back tomorrow and see for yourself either way.

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