August 12, 2020



Commentary for August 12, 2020:

I know Iíve been comparing this version of the story to the original (as told in Eonís Comic #127 back in 2003) an awful lot, and Iím afraid Iím doing it again here. This whole planning session with Sonic, Knuckles, and Eggman wasnít in the original. Once Sora-Ya had escaped, there was just a single panel of Knuckles agreeing to help Sonic, and we basically smash cut to the plan in motion on the next page. But I wanted this scene here to show that Knuckles has been roped into the plan, specifically, the plan Sally had in Chapter 32.

You didnít really think Sonic was actually going to work for Doctor Eggman, did you? Sonicís pretty smart, and he knows Eggman well enough to expect him to try double-crossing him, and thatís all part of the plan -- to use Eggmanís obsessive need to humiliate and utterly defeat Sonic against him. This is a weakness that Eggman has; he wonít just kill Sonic, because to simply kill him is never going to be enough. He has to toy with him first, beat him, break him, destroy him so utterly that death would be a release, and then withhold it to prolong his misery and torment before finally ending it. And the heroes know this about Eggman -- in fact, they're counting on it.

Will their plan work out? Of course it will, but the journey is more interesting than the destination, and thereís obviously going to be bumps in the road.

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