February 11, 2020



Commentary for February 11, 2020:

Oh yeah, it’s Doctor Eggman’s drill car from Sonic 2! Well, to be fair, it’s actually the version of it from Sonic Advance, because the sprites are smaller and easier to use in Eon’s World than the bigger MegaDrive era sprites. But what better way for Eggman to break into the Hidden Palace than to tunnel in with a classic boss vehicle, which for many of us, was the first boss battle we ever faced in a Sonic game?

Now, I suppose it’s a fair question to ask why the Echidna Empire left even so much as one warp ring behind when they heisted the Hidden Palace in Chapter 17. Well, to give you a bit of a peak behind the curtain, it was entirely so that there’d be this one left to have all this juicy drama over. I mean, if I wanted to come up with a narrative justification, I could just say, “The container they used to carry the rings couldn’t fit the last one,” or, “Horatio only needed X amount for his experiments,” or even, “They were acting under orders from Sora-Ya to leave one behind as a gesture of good faith to Knuckles, because she still wants to persuade him to join the Echidna Empire.” Any of these would do, but let’s be real here. I wanted there to be only one warp ring left on Angel Island for the sake of dramatic tension. That is it.

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