July 17, 2020



Commentary for July 17, 2020:

Timmons never deserted or resigned from GUN in Eonís Comic. I think back then, I was very much under the impression that a good person could reform a bad organisation from within. The idea of an institutional problem that just canít be reformed away didnít really occur to me. But recent history has changed how I feel about that. Yes, this is still a story about military aggression and the unjust use of force, originally inspired by the Iraq War in 2003. But Iím writing this in 2020 and we have all seen the news about racist police brutality against black Americans. No, I am not trying to make this a story about that, too. I think it would be insulting of me to try. But Iím not going to pretend that some of my storytelling decisions havenít been influenced by the very present-day realities of an institutionally broken system.

Anyway, itís Uncle Chuck! I didnít actually have any plans to include him as early as this, but when I wrote that scene with Sonic and Timmons escaping on the shuttle, I knew they needed a destination, and the rest wrote itself. Uncle Chuck was never in Eonís Comic -- it was based primarily on the games continuity, so characters exclusive to other Sonic fiction made only rare appearances, and Chuck was never among them. But I made a decision to include him in an upcoming chapter of Eonís World Vol. 2, so naturally his eventual appearance in Vol. 1 was an inevitability at that point. And, of course, he runs a chilli dog restaurant. I did think of having the restaurant be in Metropolis or even Knothole, but I figured Green Hill was the best option, since I imagine that to be essentially where Sonic grew up and, yes, Uncle Chuck raised him in this continuity.

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