January 21, 2020



Commentary for January 21, 2020:

Oh heck! It’s Tekno the Canary!

Tekno was a late comer to the Freedom Fighters in Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic, but one who would go on to have a lot of adventures as a duo with Amy Rose in the latter half of that series’ run. I decided to make the executive decision for Eon’s World, however, to make Tekno non-binary. Officialy, they were female, but when I showed my partner a picture of them a couple of years ago, she immediately asked, “Are they non-binary?” and really, I do get strong enby vibes off of them. So, that’s why the Freedom Fighters are using they/them pronouns when talking about Tekno.

In the original version of this story from 2018, I had Sonic seek clarification over the use of “they”, but decided to nix it for this version. Sonic’s cool enough to know what’s up where trans and non-binary folks are concerned, after all. Plus, I was inspired by the character Double Trouble from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, who is also introduced with they/them pronouns and at no point does anyone question it. While the world depicted here is not perfect, I like to think it’s at least at a point where people can respect pronouns without question.

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