May 15, 2020



Commentary for May 15, 2020:

Cream is an incredibly polite character, almost irritatingly so. I figure it’s because of the way she’s been raised, which could lead to a very dark reading of an extremely severe mother, who has her daughter well trained through strict discipline... but I much prefer the idea that Vanilla is a genuinely lovely person (as presented in all official Sonic fiction), who tries to be kind to everyone and has simply instilled those values in Cream. So, rest assured, if I explore themes of abusive parenting in Eon’s World (and I will), it will never be with these characters (I say at the risk of tipping my hand a bit, but I felt it needed to be said). In any case, because Cream is so polite, she uses all the correct honorific’s for everyone here, even though I dare say most of them couldn’t care less if you just call them by their name. But if you were curious, “Mx” (pronounced “mix”) is a gender neutral honorific that some non-binary people use.

Anyway, I’m characterising Tekno as a few years older than Amy, a bit more cynical than her, too, which is why they don’t take Cream seriously at first. “Oh, you’re mom’s acting weird? Well, she is a politician, honey, so she’s probably got a million things on her mind right now and feeling stressed, which is probably all this is. You’ll understand when you’re older.” Amy, on the other hand, is a little closer to Cream’s age (she’s about 14, whereas Cream is about 8 and Tekno is about 20 -- a reminder, time goes by in Eon’s World and the official Sonic characters are already two years older than their official games ages at this point). So that could be the reason Amy’s more open to taking Cream seriously. Of course, Tekno is not so cynical that they can’t be talked around fairly easily.

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