March 11, 2020



Commentary for March 11, 2020:

I wonder what Doctor Eggman could be working on in that first panel...? Well, since I make a point of crediting the artists who originally created the custom sprites I use, I canít really keep it a secret, but if you donít want it spoiled, skip the credits at the bottom of the commentary this time.

Anyway, in Eonís Comic, GUN was never really a significant threat to Doctor Eggman, and Sonic and his friends were the only ones who could really take him down. Iím not sure where exactly GUN is supposed to rank officially versus Doctor Eggman, but the strongest impressions Iíve been given have always suggested that they can never quite measure up to him. In Sonic X, a single Badnik was all Eggman ever needed to take on the military, and even when they did send special ops in, they needed Rouge to support them, and the games seem somewhat inconclusive as to how effective GUN is against him -- maybe enough to hold him at bay, but never enough to defeat him. So here, GUNís cruisers, which are powerful warships ostensibly built to defend Earth against attack from Mars, are being shredded like tissue paper by a single Egg Frigate. This isnít because these ships are weak; itís because Eggman is genuinely brilliant and he knows how to build far more deadly weapons than the next hundred top weapons designers on Earth.

Well, that is part of the reason...

Hereís a little glimpse into the design philosophy of the Protector class: I say they were built ďostensiblyĒ to protect Earth against Martian attack, and thatís certainly how GUN sold them to the Federal government in order to procure funding for them. But really, theyíre entirely designed for tactical enforcement on Earth. Most of their weapons fire forwards and are mounted towards the ventral hull, optimised to fire at groundside targets, with only a single gun turret on top. The bridge is also on the underside, rather than on top, giving the command crew a clear view ahead and below. All of this is based on the assumption that the Protector class will primarily be used in asymmetric warfare -- to bombard poorly armed rebel forces on the ground, rather than fighting an equal opponent. This is probably the first time any of these cruisers have fought an actual warship and theyíre just not designed for it. They have no shields and hull armour only really built to deflect anti-aircraft shells and light explosives, not military grade lasers. Essentially, the Protector class cruiser is a glass cannon. But maybe GUN will learn from this experience.

In any case, here we have another character who originally appeared in Eonís Comic making her debut in Eonís World, and that is Captain Carolyn Smithson, commanding the Ajax. She didnít originally appear until a little later than this, but that was in a story featuring Mega Man characters, who I nixed for the remake, so I decided now was as good a time as any to bring her in. I needed a shipís captain, so she was ideal. Also, I gave the GUN personnel aboard ship different uniforms to the ones youíve seen so far; I put them in simple blue jumpsuits, the same colour as the standard GUN naval uniform, but more practical for service aboard a spacecraft.  

Credits: Blaze the Cat sprites originally by Kaijin; E-123 Omega sprites originally by Gussprint.

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