February 24, 2020



Commentary for February 24, 2020:

When I first created Laura Timmons for Eon’s Comic, I had no idea how the military command structure was organised, so I gave her the rank of Corporal. It sounded like an important rank, after all. But I also basically made her General Davis’s second-in-command. Later, while watching Stargate SG-1, I started to realise that officers’ ranks were nothing like I’d imagined, so I looked up a guide online to find out what order the ranks go in. (As I recall, I actually went on the U.S. Army's website for the info, because there was no Wikipedia back then). It turned out that Corporal wasn’t even an officer’s rank. So, I went back and altered the script to replace “Corporal” with “Brigadier”, as in Brigadier General. However considering Timmons’s later role, I decided that for Eon’s World, she needed to start out as a Lieutenant General, which is the second highest military rank after General.

I also didn’t think much about uniforms to begin with, as I was just using Mega Man Zero Resistance sprites for GUN personnel at first. Later, as I started to create custom sprites for GUN, however, I gave them dress uniforms that were very much based on real world U.S. Air Force and British Army uniforms. When Shadow the Hedgehog came out, however, I decided to revise the uniforms and base them (loosely) off of the GUN Commander’s uniform. With Eon’s World Vol. 1, I chose to lean hard into that from the get-go. General Davis’s uniform, for instance, is essentially Abraham Tower’s uniform rendered in sprite form, and the rest of the officer’s uniforms are basically the same, albeit in appropriate departmental colours and without all of his ribbons on the left breast.

The Sergeant at Area 99 in panels 5 and 6, however, is not wearing an officer’s uniform, as he is not an officer. What he is wearing is a non-commissioned officer’s uniform. I wanted there to be a visible difference between officers and NCO’s in Eon’s World Vol. 1, just like in Vol. 2.

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