July 24, 2020



Commentary for July 24, 2020:

So Mortimer (with Cookiriniís help) has finally made the subtext text. Of course, heís said things along these lines before, but I think this is the most explicit heís been about his suspicions vis-ŗ-vis GUNís -- or at least Davisís -- intentions. This is the real reason GUN has been going after Sonic and the Freedom Fighters all this time -- because they could and would resist a military dictatorship trying to seize control of the planet, so Davis wants to eliminate them now in order to remove them as an obstacle when it is time to show his hand. And Iím not going to play coy here and act like there really is any question about this; this is what General Davis is planning. Like Iíve said before, he is absolutely a villain.

Anyway, that old married couple gag in panel 4 is a cute little moment I had hoped to include in Chapter 30. I had included a similar gag in the 2018 remaster of the story that Chapter 30 was based on, but when it came down to it, I just couldnít find a way to fit it in without really ruining the tone of the relevant scene. However, while this is also a serious scene, thereís less immediate jeopardy and itís the kind of remark Mortimer would absolutely make. And for the record, Sonic and Sally are indeed not an item in Eonís World, nor will they ever be. I donít actually see myself hooking Sonic up with anyone (though I have definitely considered Blaze). And Sally is gay, so totally uninterested in Sonic as anything more than a friend. But I do have relationship plans for her... *knowing smile* 

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