March 16, 2020



Commentary for March 16, 2020:

You donít often see Eggman just whipping out a gun on anyone. I can think of about three instances where itís happened in official media and two of those were in the SatAM cartoon. The other was in Sonic Adventure 2 when he pointed a freakiní huge scoped pistol at Amy Rose, while already riding in his heavily armed Egg Mobile. Strolling up with an oversized gun on this page is a bit of a reference to that. Naturally, like a lot of the handguns in Eonís World, this one came from one of the Metal Slug games, with some editing.

Anyway, this page is a pretty faithful recreation of the same scene from the 2018 remaster of Eonís Comic #79, especially panel 4, where I basically re-used the assets from the original panel and just replaced the Blaze sprite with one with improved colours. The most different panels are, of course, 5 and 6, because I was still trying to be reasonably faithful to the aesthetic of classic Eonís Comic with the remaster, so I didnít use any 3D models or an decent bridge set like in panel 6. While I sometimes question the wisdom of using 3D models in the same panels as 2D sprites, I would never go back to my old ways of doing things now, because a shot like panel 5 is just not doable with sprites the way it is with 3D models.

Credits: Blaze the Cat sprites originally by Kaijin.

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