January 30, 2020



Commentary for January 30, 2020:

So, coming into this chapter, this is the page I was dreading doing the most. No, not for any of the action shots, but for that sixth panel, on the bridge of the Egg Frigate. From some time late in 2003 onwards in Eonís Comic, I made a heck of a lot of ship interiors, including the bridges of ships, so youíd think Iíd be an old hand at this by now and not at all afraid of making another one. Well, it has been a very long time since I last made one, so thereís that. But also, I made all the bridges side-on, in profile as it were, laid out like levels in a 2D side scrolling videogame, with all the major consoles laid out in a line... in a way that just isnít very sensible, although I made it work in the format of a sprite comic.

But given the three-dimensional bridge layouts Iíve made for Eonís World Vol. 2 since then, I was very reluctant to go back to that much more primitive style of bridge for Eonís World Vol. 1. I thought about maybe using some limited 3D sets with sprites placed into them, but that comes with difficulties in scaling I didnít want to deal with, as well as valid questions of why I donít just do the whole comic with 3D sets, and before you know it, Vol. 1 ends up being as involved a process as Vol. 2, which defeats the purpose of it. But one morning recently, I woke up with an idea that worked within the sprite format, which is what we have here; basically, viewing the interior of the bridge head-on, so you can have the illusion of a 3D space without going full-on 3D.

I think why this never occurred to me as an option before was that I felt a tremendous need for the bridgeís main viewscreen to be visible. But re-watching Star Trek with my partner recently, Iíve noticed that this is usually the kind of angle we see a wide of the bridge from anyway, and we only really see the viewscreen when thereís something on it we need to see. So, I think this as the new standard for a bridge in Eonís World Vol. 1 works.  

Credits: Blaze sprites originally by Kaijin.

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