March 28, 2020

Content warning: blood, death


Commentary for March 28, 2020:

A small concern Iíve had about this chapter (as well as Chapter 6) is that it kind of diminishes Nack the Weaselís agency. Heís not some dull hired thug, but a cunning and clever bounty hunter, albeit one who is usually outwitted by the good guys. Playing second string to one of my OCís like this feels a little off, I will admit. But fear not! His current business partnership with Evelyn Blackwood isnít going to last forever.

I have to say, though, I donít know why I didnít look into using sprites from Metal Slug a lot more sooner. There are some really useful ones for my purposes in there. The rifle Nack is using is a sniper rifle from one of the Metal Slug games, which Iíve barely changed, because I donít need to. It is already what I need it to be.

Now, in the original version of this story, once Eggman had the hostages he wanted, there wasnít really any thought given to an exit strategy for his Badniks. It wasnít mentioned, but the attack didnít stop either until the heroes intervened. I wanted there to be a reason for the ongoing attack and, well, in most depictions, Eggman can be quite vengeful and he does hold grudges against people and places, especially when heís tried to destroy them before and failed. And thatís why the Badnik attack will continue now even with President Mortimer as his hostage.

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