February 16, 2020



Commentary for February 16, 2020:

So, this chapter basically picks up almost immediately from the previous one. The final scene with Tikal in Chapter 20 was probably less than an hour before this scene.

In any case, I havenít much to say about this page. If youíve read Vol. 2, you might spot a little foreshadowing here, but I shanít go into any detail for those who havenít. What I will say is that this is another Frankenstein chapter, like Chapter 11, in that it merges two separate stories originally told in Eonís Comic #61 through #65 and #71 through #75. Both stories involved the same villains (itís no secret that itís the Echidna Empire -- that was teased at the start of Chapter 20, after all), but Eon and Silky were only really involved in the first story, whereas Tikal only appeared in the second.

Eonís Comic #61 through #65 picked up the story of the Master Echidna, a cyborg created by Horatio who had broken free of his control, but whom the Echidna Empire wanted back. The Master Echidna was an OC belonging to a friend at the time, but whom Iíve long since lost contact with, and as per my rules going into Eonís World, I will only use OCís I obtained permission to use and ideally whose creators Iím still in touch with. So, the Master Echidna was nixed. Itís no loss, though, as he didnít really add to anything to the overall story. But there were some lore elements first introduced in that story, which is why I didnít want to cut it entirely. Instead, Iíve merged it with the story of Tikalís return. Iíll talk about those elements as and when they appear.

The result is quite a long chapter -- about the same length as Chapter 17, the season 1 finale -- and itís pretty intense. But I am also pretty satisfied with it, so I hope you enjoy the ride.

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