April 17, 2020



Commentary for April 17, 2020:

Capes are very cool and they should totally come back into fashion. Needless to say, in Eonís World, they already are quite fashionable. But I donít want to wait fifty thousand years to go out in a cape and not get stared at.

Anyway, we made it! This is the twenty-fifth chapter of Eonís World Vol. 1! I know in mainstream comics, a twenty-fifth issue is often considered quite a landmark, and many (possibly even most?) comics never actually get that far, so I wanted to mark the occasion with something special. Thatís why this chapter is a very loose remake of Eonís Comic #100, from 2003, which was a single page story in which Eon and Silky also attended a party at Castle Gemini. Events this time, however, will play out a little differently, and ultimately for the better, I think.

So, a couple of notes about this chapter.

First the date. The last chapter was dated April 20, whereas this one is dated June 23, over two months later! What gives? Well, nothing really; sometimes not a lot happens for a couple of months. Besides, in Vol. 2, we time skip over a year between Chapters 7 and 8, so this is nothing. But the real reason for the time skip here is twofold: One, it needed to be Midsummerís Eve for the Royal Gala, because thatís when it takes place, as established in Vol. 2, Chapter 8. Two, while it isnít established anywhere in official Sonic canon that the Little Planet appears at the northern summer solstice each year, I decided to make that a rule of Eonís World and the Little Planet will be featuring prominently in Chapter 26, so I wanted to establish its presence before we get there.

Now, how about that Lkittle Planet, then? Yes, that weird little world from Sonic CD is also part of the Eonís World canon. After all, every major Sonic game up to and including Sonic Adventure 2 has basically taken place in this world, and that includes Sonic CD, and with Sonic CD comes the Little Planet, the Time Stones, et cetera. More on all that later, though.  

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