March 22, 2020



Commentary for March 22, 2020:

Iíve noticed that Doctor Eggman uses a lot of alliteration in his angry tirades when I write him. I canít quite recall at the time of writing if this is a thing he ever did in any official media, but if he ever did, it was probably in AoStH or early Archie Sonic.

Anyway, I guess it was bound to happen eventually, wasnít it? Since Sally is a member of the Meridian Parliament, crossing paths with Harold Mortimer was basically inevitable. Except, it really wasnít. As I may have mentioned before, when I attempted to remaster Eonís Comic in 2018, I brought Sally in to replace an OC belonging to a former friend who used have Sallyís political role in the comic. That character never met with the Meridian President (also an OC belonging to a former friend at the time), not even in the story that this chapter is a remake of. Well, to tie the two subplots of this story together, I felt it was important to have Sally interact with Mortimer here before getting into the meat of this chapter.

That presented a bit of a problem, but I shall elaborate on that tomorrow...

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