May 13, 2020



Commentary for May 13, 2020:

Itís time for Chapter 27, dear reader!

Yes, the second half of this season is going to be somewhat dominated by the bounty GUN has put on Sonicís head for breaking into Area 99 in Chapter 24. But this chapter is going to be mainly dealing with a plot twist that was first teased at the end of Chapter 23.

Anyway, as a reminder, in Eonís World, Creamís mother, Vanilla isnít just a full time mom, sheís also the Governor of Westside Archipelago. Now, while writing this chapter, I got to some serious thinking about the local politics there. Weíve already established some of the provinceís demographics; itís ninety-nine percent Mobian, for instance. But we havenít really considered how the Islanders approach politics. Obviously, they need to work within a given framework, as they are part of the larger Meridian Republic, which dominates the continent of Northamer, so they have a governor and a provincial legislature, but I figured a majority Mobian region like this would prefer more grounded and less ostentatious politics. So, thatís the approach I ran with for the Governorís mansion, for instance, which is a much smaller affair than something youíd see in a more human dominated region or on the Meridian mainland. And there are other aspects of Island politics that will be addressed later in the chapter, too.

In any case, Cream is going to be one of this chapterís three main protagonists. The other two will be characters who havenít had a real chance to shine yet in Eonís World, so Iím very excited about this story and I hope youíll enjoy it.

Oh yes, I should mention that General Mason here is another character from the classic Eonís Comic. Originally, he didnít appear until a couple of years after the original version of this story, but like with other military officers who will go on to have bigger roles later, I wanted to get him in now, rather than just have him pop up later when the story really needs a crusty old army general.

Credits: Additional Vanilla the Rabbit sprites originally by Danny Robson the Ice Fox.

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