May 10, 2020



Commentary for May 10, 2020:

You know what one of the absolute best character moments for Sonic and Tails in all the Sonic fiction out there ever was? It was the end of Tails New Home, the sixteenth episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, in which Tails realised that Sonic was all the family he (sic) needed and Sonic used the dreaded L word and said, without any trace of irony, I love you, little buddy. That was courageous for a cartoon largely marketed at boys in the early 90s, and possibly a finer example of affection between these characters than weve ever seen elsewhere before or since. And I will die on that hill, dear reader. Come at me, Im ripped!

Seriously, though, Id love to see more of that, because I feel like it truly exemplified who Sonic and Tails are to each other, and I wanted to capture some of that energy in my own way for this scene here. Even across time itself, these two characters are the best of friends, siblings in every way that matters; they love each other and they would do anything to help one another.

Im not crying, youre crying.

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