February 25, 2020



Commentary for February 25, 2020:

I have to say, I’m quite proud of how much more adventurous I’m being with sprites now. I feel like with Eon’s Comic, I got into a bit of a rut with my highly standardised sprite sets towards the end, which didn’t really have anything like Kari-Ya’s “too cool for school” pose in panel 4. It is, of course, heavily edited from a Sonic sprite (who else?), but the point is I’m doing it these days, I’m really pushing the boat out, whereas before I just wouldn’t have. And it’s much more interesting to have lots of different poses than just the same handful, isn’t it?

Anyway, what the heck is Horatio talking about with “2cc’s of accelerene”? Well, it’s a bit of a bit of jokey reference to the MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, in which there is a mission that involves a substance called “accelerite”, that’s used in explosives. That got me and a friend laughing about “explodium” and other silly sounding chemical names. I’ve tended to avoid medical terminology in my writing, because I have zero medical expertise and I’d rather not make an utter fool of myself. But I figured that, since this story is set so many millennia in the future that nobody should even be speaking English, really, I could probably justify some made up fantasy drugs, like a stimulant called “accelerene”.

And finally, the count of characters making their debut in Chapter 21 just jumped from 5 to 8, with Dutch, Honch, and Rico of Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2. (There are two others on the team as well, Vincent and Spike, not pictured here, because... well, you’ll find out tomorrow.) This team is another thing from the Archie Sonic comics that I’ve borrowed for Eon’s World. I never really had any specialist commando teams per se in Eon’s Comic, although I did occasionally have some recurring soldier characters who’d be sent on special ops. But they weren’t terribly fleshed out, so I decided to replace them with these guys. Now, Sigma-Alpha 2 actually appeared originally in Sonic Adventure 2, but they were never shown on screen; it was just the call sign given by the helicopter transporting Sonic into military custody at the start of the game, whereas it was issue 98 of the comic that introduced the idea of Sigma-Alpha 2 being a commando squad... with some ridiculously anime character designs, by the way. (This was 2001, of course, so it was very much in vogue at the time.)

Anyway, in what is I guess another example of being a bit more adventurous with sprites, I decided to show these lads some love by rendering them as sprites (and I have done my darndest to make my honestly rather dull human sprites look like those guys), so I could include them in Eon’s World. You’ll definitely be seeing more of them.

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