June 9, 2020



Commentary for June 9, 2020:

Itís that shuttle again. We last saw the interior of one of these shuttles in Chapter 5, when President Mortimer was riding it home from Downunda. For the life of me, I had no idea this type of shuttle was going to see so much use in Eonís World Vol. 1 when I first created the model two years ago, but Iím glad it is. It makes the all time spent making it really feel worthwhile.

Anyway, like I said yesterday, I never showed how Silky and Eon got to Angel Island in the original version of this story, and they didnít have a chaperone either. But I decided that Dawn needs a bit more screen time, rather than just showing up in a later story when the heroes need a pilot. In fact, you know what? Iím going to talk about Dawnís genesis for a little bit.

I first created Dawn late in 2007, purely as a girlfriend for another personís OC, who had been an important recurring character in Eonís Comic; but as we are no longer in touch, I removed their character (and actually replaced them with Sally Acorn, which has worked out brilliantly, so no regrets). But originally, I gave Dawn more to do eventually by revealing that she was the helmsman aboard a battlecruiser and, as a skilled pilot, she was able to help the heroes on a dangerous space mission. But beyond that, there wasnít much to her. Well, after deciding to nix that other personís OC, I took the opportunity to unshackle her from all the baggage and reimagine her as a Royal Guard, first appearing as such in Vol. 2, Chapter 9. And when I needed additional guardsmen for Chapter 25, besides Commander Hughes, Dawn was the obvious first choice. And when it came to this chapter, the role Iíve given Dawn just seemed to fit nicely.

But who shot them down? Well, come back tomorrow and maybe weíll find out.

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