April 26, 2020



Commentary for April 26, 2020:

I donít often use background assets from the Mega Drive era Sonic Games, itís true. In fact, the stuff from that era that I tend to use most often is from the Mega Man games. But I figured that itís okay for the Little Planet to look a little off, since it is an alien world. I recall how Richard Elson always drew it in Sonic the Comic and, well, it never looked terribly distinct from how he drew Emerald Hill Zone, but it is essentially an alien planet, so I think itís fitting that it should look distinct from Earth, which is why Iím largely using Sonic the Hedgehog CD assets for it (though not exclusively).

But yes, Slow and Haste are two understated but very powerful D&D spells, mostly because of the turn-based mechanics used for combat. But I figure theyíd be extremely useful spells even ignoring the game mechanics of D&D, simply because of how they can make your enemies slower and your allies faster. Of course thatís useful.

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