May 7, 2020



Commentary for May 7, 2020:

And here the chickens have finally come home to roost... if the chickens are the flashback scenes peppered throughout this chapter basically showing Evelynís backstory. Evelyn has not lived a happy life. Sheís only a mercenary who works for people like Doctor Eggman because without a wizarding licence from the Mages Guild, no reputable employer will hire her.

From the perspective of a potential employer, magic is dangerous, so you need assurances that a mage you hire for anything is able to control their powers and use them safely. And it doesnít matter if youíre hiring a mage specifically to do magic or to do something as mundane as simply work in a call centre. Either way, you want to be sure theyíre not going to randomly blow up your office or turn the head of HR into a newt, and a Mages Guild licence offers those assurances. Oh sure, an unlicensed mage could simply not disclose their powers to a potential employer, but non-disclosure like that is something they could be sacked for if anybody found out, and they donít have any legal protection if they choose not to disclose. So, either you, the unlicensed mage, reveal this to your potential employer, in which case they almost certainly donít hire you, or you donít reveal it and hope that youíre never outed, because thatís almost certainly grounds for immediate termination with most employers. What do you do under these circumstances? Well, I imagine most conceal their powers -- in other words, hide a major part of who they are just to survive -- and hope for the best.

But what if your powers are the only real skills you have? What if you just canít conceal that part of you? This is where Evelyn finds herself, and itís a crappy situation to be in. You see, the Mages Guild revoking her licence wasnít just a matter of kicking her out of the super exclusive wizards club; it was basically taking away her right to employment. And what do people do when they canít get legitimate work but still have bills to pay? Well, a lot of people just end up homeless and dead. But some turn to crime. Yes, employment discrimination in the free market and how poverty stemming from capitalism is the cause most crime are the real themes of this chapter. Youíre welcome.

Credits: Metal Sonic sprites originally by CyberShadow.

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