March 2, 2020



Commentary for March 2, 2020:

Well, that was a long chapter, wasnít it? In fact, at 17 pages, it was the second longest chapter of Eonís World Vol. 1 so far, after Chapter 17, which was 19 pages. In any case, I feel the length was warranted, given what was covered in the chapter. While I donít feel terribly beholden to the length of the stories originally told in Eonís Comic, I donít want unnecessarily extend any stories beyond their original scope. However, since this chapter was stitched together from two different stories involving the Echidna Empire and hostages, I feel the length is justified. (If Chapter 21 had taken up the same amount of space and time as both of the original stories combined, this would have been 30 pages long.)

Anyway, this is the point at which this and the previous chapter converge. Come back tomorrow, where the story will pick up immediately from this point before launching into another pretty intense (and equally long) story!

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