May 28, 2020



Commentary for May 28, 2020:

If youíre getting the impression that General Davisís little vendetta against Sonic (and his allies) is about more than just breaking into Area 99, you may be onto something. Given that the rest of this season is going to be dealing mostly with that, I guess weíll find out, wonít we?

Anyway, what could that ultimate weapon that Doctor Eggman is building possibly be? Well, for people who arenít big Sonic fans (and, yeah, I do have some readers who arenít), I shanít spoil anything just yet. And for those who are Sonic fans and are excited about what they see, I would caution you to be patient for now, as this is just me setting things up for season 3 here. We are in the latter half of season 2 now, so Iíll be writing a few cheques over the next few chapters that wonít be cashed until the next season (or possibly even after), and I may be returning to Vol. 2 for a chapter of that before continuing with Vol. 1 once this season is over.

Now, about this chapter. Iíve already covered the broad strokes of what the original version was about, so I shanít repeat myself here. But, honestly, I actually considered not bothering with this story at all. The original version was just a framing device for Sonicís time travel adventure, after all, and it wasnít necessary to the wider narrative Iím trying to create here. But I hadnít done much with Amy Rose in this remake yet and I really wanted to tell a story featuring her in a lead role. Moreover, this season has been quite heavy, and the last chapter particularly so. Itís only going to get heavier going forwards, so I figured a lighter story like this would make a good palate cleanser before we dive back into the peril of the wider narrative. So I took the bare bones of the original version (Amy vs. a robot copy of herself) and borrowed some ideas from the early days of Archie Sonic and crafted a story about Eggman trying to replace people with robot doubles so he can infiltrate various organisations. Iím pretty pleased with how it turned out.

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