June 19, 2020



Commentary for June 19, 2020:

Do you get the impression this isnít just about Sonic breaking into Area 99? Or did I ask that question already? Anyway, I think it should be obvious by now that Davis doesnít just want Sonic out of the way; he wants to get rid of the Freedom Fighters and any of Sonicís other allies as a whole, and heís willing to lie and cheat to do it. But why? Well, if youíve been paying attention up until now, you might have an idea. But donít worry if you donít. All will become clear in time.

Anyway, I wasnít in the best headspace when making this page, so apologies if itís not as good looking as I can normally do. For panel 5 in particular, part of would very much like to try and use the 3D model I made of Castle Gemini, which I use a drawing guide for Vol. 2. I think I could do a decent job of incorporating it into the sprite backgrounds, especially after those panels with Ajax landed on Angel Island on a couple of earlier pages. It may be something I look into doing for season 3. I have a lot of ideas of how to improve the look of Vol. 1 for when season 3 starts.

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