August 5, 2020



Commentary for August 5, 2020:

Like I said yesterday, I made this fight a little bit longer here than it was in Eonís Comic #127, but how it ends is basically the same, with Zero showing up and catching Knuckles off guard. However, in the original, Zero shot some kind of beam at Knuckles from their forehead. I decided, instead, to go with an attack based on a couple of the moves Zero actually uses in Sonic Adventure, where they could shoot out their fist on a cable or electrify their arms. It seemed like merging the two into a single attack would make a good finisher move.

Anyway, whatís with the ĎCosmic Wallí sign on the wall? Well, that was a level in Sonic Adventure 2 -- one of my favourite actually -- where you play as Doctor Eggman in a low gravity environment on the outside of the ARK fighting hordes on GUN robots. Itís fun, it has kickass level music, and it was the first level I ever got a perfect score in. Also, in the original version of this, Sonic and Knuckles took their fight outside, because if itís in the games, then why the heck not? I imagined some kind of atmospheric shield around the ARK to make that kind of silly videogame contrivance possible, but I want Eonís World to be a little more grounded than that; so there wonít be anybody going outside of a spacecraft and actually surviving without either being in a spacesuit or a super form.

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