January 28, 2020



Commentary for January 28, 2020:

Super Egg Robo Z originally appeared in only one story in Eonís Comic. I found such a huge sprite simply too unwieldy for this type of comic (which, honestly, is the main reason why I so seldom have Eggman fight Sonic in his oversized doomsday robots). Anyway, that one story actually originally appeared a little later than this, but when I was working on the Eonís Comic remaster in 2018, I nixed that story in favour of a completely new one (in fact it was the first completely new one I made, as I went back to revise my work and add these Blaze stories in later). Since this robot would never appear otherwise, I decided to include it in the Eonís Comic remaster version of ĎFirestormí, which is why itís here now and, indeed, why I introduced it back in Chapter 9. Now Super Egg Robo Zís tale is told and it probably wonít be back.

Yíknow, I think it was because Iíd recently watched ĎThe Incrediblesí and ĎThe Incredibles 2í that I was inspired to have Blaze defeat Super Egg Robo Z the way she does here, by turning its own weapon on itself. In any case, Iím pleased with how it looks on the page here.

Credits: Blaze sprites originally by Kaijin.

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