April 18, 2020



Commentary for April 18, 2020:

We last saw Lady Ullswater in Chapter 12. She wasnít very nice to Eon there, either, but she seemed fairly deferential to Silky. Then again, she never spoke to her directly then, whereas in Vol. 2, Chapter 8, where I first introduced the character, she was a lot more forthright, even in the face of her nationís reigning monarch, and that was the characterisation of her that I was trying to recapture for this scene. Thatís just who Ullswater is; a woman who will say whatís on her mind, with only the thinnest veneer of civility, and in the exactly nine years between this story and Vol. 2, Chapter 8, she hasnít really got any nicer. Donít get it twisted, she absolutely respects and supports the monarchy as an institution (because sheís rich and powerful, so of course she does), but that doesnít mean she necessarily respects or admires the heir to the throne.

Talking of the monarchy, I do wrestle with the ethics of it sometimes. I do not support the concept of monarchy in the real world. I absolutely oppose the British monarchy in particular as a celebration of intrinsic inequality and elitism and I believe it should be abolished, as what little good it does for the UK is grossly outweighed by the persistent cultural and societal harm caused by an institution whose entire message is that some people are simply born to be better than you and have a God-given right to rule over you. It makes rich and powerful people think they are destined to rule us, that it is their right and not a privilege we the people confer upon them, which is what all political power should be. Case in point, the current Prime Minister.

That was a bit of a rant. But, yeah, I donít like monarchy, and I wouldnít choose it as a system of government. Which is why Britannia is not a monarchy, but a constitutional crowned republic. Yes, there is a monarchy, but its purpose is to serve the nation and its people, not to rule them, not to be bowed and genuflected to, not to be worshipped, not to be held up as infallible or beyond reproach, and certainly not to symbolise that there is a class of people in Britannia who are by blood right simply better than anyone else. The Britannic monarch is more like a president; the office is generally held in high esteem and respected, but the person holding the office is a mere mortal the same as anyone else, and they are fully open to criticism and opposition. Hell, itís probably easier to depose a Britannic monarch of Eonís World for abusing their power or committing serious crimes than it is to do the same with a sitting American president in the real world.

Anyway, how about that lore dump about the Little Planet? Youíd think I was setting things up for a story taking place there soon or something, huh?

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