June 5, 2020



Commentary for June 5, 2020:

I feel like Sonic is the kind of guy who’ll always give someone another chance, often to a fault. For example, in the IDW comics, he let Metal Sonic go, rather than destroy him, in the hopes that there might be a spark of good inside him, even though there really probably isn’t, and he really wanted to believe that Doctor Eggman himself was no longer a danger when he lost his memories and had adopted the Mister Tinker persona. In the case of someone like Jet, who isn’t a major villain, of course he’s going to try and diffuse the situation and talk him around if he gets the chance. But, sadly, as Sonic often finds, there’s no way to talk his opponent down this time, which is why plan B was get close enough to his friends that they’d be able to back him up.

It worked.

Credits: Jet the Hawk sprites adapted from sprites by Dead-Meme and Kid222; Wave the Swallow sprites originally by Zig Sonar; Storm the Albatross sprites originally by Cylent Night.

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