February 9, 2020



Commentary for February 9, 2020:

Shots like that first panel? Mwah! Chef kiss! Iím really pleased with how that model wound up looking on this page, which I feel is really the first clear image weíve had of the Mako class Egg Frigate. Certainly, itís the first clear image weíve had of all the gun turrets up front. Iím also still pleased with how the bridge looks and how the E-1000ís being dropped onto Angel Island in panel 3 look, too. Over all, a satisfying bit of work. 

Anyway, to continue discussing the ways this chapter differs from the story originally told in Eonís Comic #67 through #69, in the original version Eggman turned up alone in the Egg Jet from the end of Sonic 2, at least he appeared to be alone until Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles found him and he revealed he was carrying Megatron in gun mode!

Wait? Megatron from Transformers?

Yes, he actually appeared around the first festive season stories I wrote, having been brought to the world of Eonís Comic by Horatioís portal experiments. He was captured by Eggman, who attempted to reprogram him as his slave. This failed, however, and Megs went on a rampage, which ended with him being thrown off the island.

I made a decision before even beginning Eonís World Vol. 1 to only include elements from Sonic, Star Wars, Star Fox, and Freedom Planet, along with my own original ideas, so naturally the Transformers side story that went nowhere and did nothing had to go. But the original version of this story was important to the overall narrative, so it needed to be included, just rewritten without Megatron. It was easy enough to do, and the result is a chapter that is actually a page shorter than it would have otherwise been.

Credits: Blaze sprites originally by Kaijin.

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