May 16, 2020



Commentary for May 16, 2020:

I mentioned at the start of this chapter that we’d be getting a glimpse into the mindset behind Westside Archipelago’s local politics in this chapter, beyond just the smaller, less domineering Governor’s mansion. And here it is. Politicians on the Islands tend to operate with an open-door policy; they’re easy enough to go and visit and tend to be happy to meet with their constituents. They may not always be able (or even inclined) to help them with their grievances, but they will make the time to listen, if they can. And that goes right on up to the Governor. It’s true, she’s going to have a lot less time to meet with constituents on a one-to-one basis, but the door is usually always open and someone on her staff will see you, even if she can’t. Closed doors and armed guards are antithetical to the kind of connected politics the Islands have always valued. It’s normal to Amy, because she’s from the mainland, where politicians are more distant from the people and do work behind closed doors and armed guards. They would say it’s for their protection, of course, and maybe there is sense to that. But politicians on the Islands have never felt a need for such protection. But Tekno is from Emerald Hill; they’re a local and they care a lot about their province and the politics there.

Anyway, fun fact, while GUN is suspiciously humans only, insofar as the rank and file soldiers are concerned at least, the Meridian Defence Command is not. And the local battalions on the Islands, which are majority Mobian tend to skew that way, too. Fortunately, for future plot reasons, I already have fairly comprehensive sprite sheets of Mobian soldiers to use for this, which I created around ten years ago towards the end of Eon’s Comic. I do feel it’s important to get it established early on that, while GUN is disturbingly humans only, local defence forces are not.

Credits: 4x4 sprites originally by Kompi. Additional Vanilla the Rabbit sprites originally by Danny Robson the Ice Fox.

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