May 4, 2020



Commentary for May 4, 2020:

This page was a bit of a nightmare to make. I was looking for a particular Mega Man: Battle Network sprite for the robot Evelyn was magically assembling in panel 2, but I just couldnít find it, not even in my old backup folders from 15 years ago or more, nor could I find it at the usual sprite sites I visit, so I settled for one of the enemy robots from Mega Man Zero. Of course, the hard work wasnít over there; I also wanted a particular sprite from Mega Man Zero for the Iron Queenís throne. Fortunately, I was able to find that one in my backup folders.

And talking of the Iron Queen, I also needed to make a handful of sprites of Regina Ferrum herself. I wanted to be fairly faithful to her appearance in Archie Sonic, and I am really satisfied with how her sprites turned out. I was concerned that I wouldnít be able to do justice to her in sprite format, but I think I did a pretty good job, honestly.

So, given that I did end up featuring the Iron Queen in the end, I guess the question now is how much like her Archie counterpart is she? Well, her backstory is, of course, different, because there isnít the Overlander society at Mega Central for her to be an exile from in Eonís World. Humans are everywhere and there hasnít been a (recent) war between them and Mobians. That said, as she alludes to in that final panel, she is still an outcast; a disgraced former apprentice of the Mages Guild who has found her own way in a remote part of the world. Is Jun Kun, the Iron King part of her life? Is she the head of a bunch of ninja clans? Is she a lackey or a rival to Doctor Eggman? These are all good questions, and they may (or may not) be explored in future stories. I donít have any current plans for that, but I also never intended to include Ferrum in Eonís World when I started out on Vol. 1, so anything is possible. It will really all depend on whether or not I have a good idea involving her.

Oh yes, I should say that the Dragon Empire is, of course, a homage to the Dragon Kingdom of Archie Sonic, as well as a bit of a cheeky reference to the Pathfinder expansion.

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