May 27, 2020



Commentary for May 27, 2020:

Did I make Vanilla the Rabbit canon gay in Eonís World?

Yes. Yes I did.

Itís important to have fiction that has queer characters just existing in it, just living their lives, rather than for queer characters to exist solely as allegory or as life lessons for the straight cisgender characters. So I will never stop MAKING IT GAYER. However, I am cognisant of the fact that by making Vanilla a) gay and b) a widow, I am sort of walking into the Bury Your Gays trope, which is unfortunate. But, given that she is by no means the only gay character in Eonís World, and others will not have their relationships tragically cut short, I think Iím good. I hope Iím good.

But enough of that. The backstory of Vanilla having been an adventurer when she was younger was inspired by a friend who was sharing some of her headcanon with me. I thought it was a neat idea, so I decided to run with it.

Anyways, slight problem with the arrangement Vanillaís made here. Since Auto Vanilla sent Cream away before she gave General Mason the location of Knothole (among other things), none of the good guys are aware of the fact that the Freedom Fightersí hideout has now been exposed to GUN. And this will be relevant before too long, so watch this space.

Credits: Additional Vanilla the Rabbit sprites originally by Danny Robson the Ice Fox.

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