February 12, 2020



Commentary for February 12, 2020:

With sprites being such a limited medium, this is how fights between Sonic and Doctor Eggman usually end up. Short. Rather like this commentary.


Okay, Iíve got another thing I could say here. In the original version of this story, obviously Megatron broke free of Eggmanís control and turned on him, so Eggman shot him with a laser from the Egg Jet and took off. I suppose the laser blast from the Egg Frigate is kind of similar to that, actually, since itís more to distract Sonic than to actually hurt him, while Eggman makes his getaway, only this time via the warp ring he just stole. I mean, if youíve got it, you might as well use it, right?

Also, you may be expecting me to apologise for that pun in panel 3. Well, I'm afraid that but puns are trans culture, and I always intend my puns.

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