June 1, 2020



Commentary for June 1, 2020:

I guess now is the right time to say a little bit about the original version of this story, which was told in Eonís Comic #89 through #91. (Yeah, Iíve really switched up the order of these stories, I know. I just feel that rearranging them as I have lends itself to a better overarching narrative.) In the original, the people who went after Sonic on GUNís behalf were Mega Man, Zero, and Iris from the Mega Man series. Now, I knew nothing about Mega Man at the time; I didnít know X was a different character to Mega Man or that Mega Man X was set like a hundred years after the original games, or that Iris was actually a villain. I just saw cool sprites and wanted to use them. I characterised Mega Man as a real jerk in Eonís Comic, too, which just further goes to show how little I knew about that franchise. I did eventually read all fifty-five issues of the Archie Mega Man comic, however, which made me realise how terrible my treatment of Mega Man back then had been, and I tried to fix that in the 2018 remaster. But coming into remaking Eonís Comic as Eonís World Vol. 1, I decided very early in the planning stage to completely nix all the weird Mega Man and Mario stuff from the early days and keep to a much narrower focus.

But I still felt it was important to have this chapter where Sonic first realises heís been declared a fugitive by GUN and is attacked by people hoping to bring him in for them. I think I originally just assumed it would be Team Hooligan who came after him, but while planning out these chapters, I realised all of Team Hooligan would be currently unavailable and I didnít want to have Sonic going up against Nack the Weasel again literally two chapters after their last encounter, so I thought, ďWell, who else in Sonicís expanded universe could it be?Ē The Babylon Rogues seemed the most natural choice, so I went with them.

Credits: Jet the Hawk sprites adapted from sprites by Dead-Meme and Kid222; Wave the Swallow sprites originally by Zig Sonar; Storm the Albatross sprites originally by Cylent Night.

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