May 20, 2020



Commentary for May 20, 2020:

Tashistan and Shanazar are both locations from Sonicís expanded lore that Iíve adapted for Eonís World. Tashistan was an Arabian Nights themed city in Sonic Underground, and Shanazar was actually an entire planet within a micro universe in Sonic the Comic, during what was probably one of the dullest periods of the bookís life, right towards its (honestly timely) end. But it started out promising, at least, with Sonic finding himself in what was also an Arabian Nights style setting, before travelling to other regions of Shanazar, which were completely different. But I digress, Shanazar is a nation in Eonís World and Tashistan is its capital city. Itís located mostly in what is today the Sinai region of Egypt.

Anyway, part of me really wants to explore the idea behind letting children of any age (to say nothing of pre-teens) go on dangerous adventures, but I wonít ever do that in any serious detail. It is what we call a narrative conceit. If you try to analyse something like this too much, it stops being fun and you end up having to answer questions like, ďSo do Sonic and Tails go to school?Ē Oh, wait, they totally did that in the Archie Sonic comic, didnít they? And that was at the absolute nadir of its dork age too, I would say. It got better when they stopped trying to be hyper realistic like that and actually let the characters have fun adventures again.

So I donít intend to explore how Sonic, Tails, or any of these technical minors are educated. I canít give a satisfying answer to that and itís not important anyway, so donít worry about it. Cream, on the other hand, is very much a child in the official fiction in a way that other characters arenít (despite whatever their official ages are), which is why I think itís not going to break the fiction to mention her going to school and to at least question the wisdom of her joining Amy and Tekno on this mission. But, as she rightly points out, at eight years old, sheís no younger than Tails was on her first adventure with Sonic.

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