April 5, 2020



Commentary for April 5, 2020:

Welcome to the start of Chapter 24, and we are kicking off with some heavy stuff right away. So, strap yourselves in!

A long time ago, I had an unpleasant series of altercations online with a fascist, who invaded a Sonic the Hedgehog forum I had been part of for about three years at that point. He wasn’t even a Sonic fan, he just saw a forum full of generally liberal and leftist people whom he felt it was his responsibility to “educate” about how the world really is, how it should be, how the Iraq War was both necessary and just, and how great and wonderful the American war machine is. And he absolutely loved to whip out the line, oft misattributed to George Orwell, “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf,” which is what General Davis is paraphrasing in that final panel. Now, this individual did not come to the Mobius Forum until after I’d written the original version of this story in Eon’s Comic, so GUN and General Davis weren’t initially inspired by his worldview. But much of what came after involving them most definitely was. That being the case, I’m leaning hard into that for my portrayal of GUN and General Davis going into this remake here in Eon’s World.

Now, while GUN is not an overtly fascist organisation, it has all the makings of one and there are many fascists already in the service, including the Supreme Commander himself. To give you a glimpse into his mind, Davis is an ultranationalist, extreme authoritarian, and a human supremacist, who scorns civilians, especially those who question the military and its role in society. He doesn’t give a damn about the rights of sapient beings, or about treating prisoners or enemy soldiers humanely. He doesn’t even consider an off-worlder like Blaze the Cat to be a person -- hell, he barely considers local Mobians to be people. He is the worst kind of militaristic monster, who revels in the pain and suffering he causes, while pontificating about what a great service he and soldiers like him are doing for the world. And he is absolutely based on real arguments I’ve seen fascists make.

Sometimes the truth is scarier than fiction, especially in these dark times. But in the fiction I write, at least, rest assured, the fascists will never win in the end.

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