July 29, 2020



Commentary for July 29, 2020:

Welcome to the start of Chapter 33: ĎThe Imperial Guardianí, which will be the penultimate chapter of Eonís World Vol. 1, season 2. 

With that first panel, I wanted a nice big establishing shot of the location, but I didnít want to just rehash the same old double width panel. Then I thought, one of the defining characteristics of mountains is being tall, so I decided to experiment with a double height panel instead. Iíve done this before, in Vol. 2, but never in Vol. 1 until now. I think it worked out quite nicely and I can think of any number of possible uses for it going forwards, but particularly for showing off tall structures.

Anyway, this season has been a lot lighter on the Echidna Empire stuff than season 1, with only two other chapters featuring them (and, spoilers, theyíre not going to be in the finale next chapter either), so I wanted to give them a last hurrah before Eonís World goes on hiatus for a couple of months. In the original version of this story, told in Eonís Comic #127, the Echidna Empireís role was to be more of a plot device than anything, and as Iíve said previously, I do feel itís important for characters in a story to have agency and do more than just passively be there for the ride. So I dramatically expanded this story, far beyond the mere three pages a faithful adaptation of the original would have been, to really give some of these characters a moment in the spotlight.

Now then, Iíve avoided talking about it for long enough, so Iíll address the elephant in the room. Knuckles is with the Echidna Empire now, huh? Whatís going on? Well, when we last saw him in Chapter 29, Knuckles seemed to be feigning joining Sora-Ya, but she saw through it and, after rendering him unconscious, Knuckles was to be prepped for ďsurgeryĒ. What that means will be revealed in good time. For now, Iíd just like to talk about the new look Knux is sporting here. If you ever read the old Archie Sonic comic, his outfit may look vaguely familiar, as itís based on the outfit he wore in the ĎMobius: 25 Years Laterí and ĎMobius: 30 Yearsí later story arcs, with the notable absence of a cybernetic eye. That outfit was, obviously, itself inspired the Sonic OAV from 1996, in which Knuckles wore a Stetson for some reason.

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