July 14, 2020

Content Warning: blood, injury


Commentary for July 14, 2020:

And here is where this chapter veers wildly off course from the original version. In Eonís Comic #122, the chapter (although I didnít call them that back then) ended with Timmons recognising that Sonic wasnít the villain here and actually agreeing to help him. She told Sonic to run and let her try to deal with the situation from within the military and none of her colleagues knew about Sonic saving her. I had originally planned to stick to that, but approaching this story, I changed my mind.

In the original, Timmons went through what amounts to a heel-face turn in just three panels, all because Sonic saved her life. But I didnít feel like that was enough, which is why Iíve actually been trying to show Timmons struggling with her moral dilemma up to this point. And even here, when she takes Sonicís hand and even acknowledges what she knows to be the truth, sheís not yet ready to turn. She needed a final push and Sigma-Alpha 2 showing up was it.

Why all the hesitation when she knows whatís right? Well, at the risk of showing my hand, the subtext is all about to become text, so stay tuned.  

Oh yeah, I should probably comment on the sorry state of Honch. Like I said yesterday, GUN soldiers are squishy compared with Badniks and there were a lot of them attacking in the open where the team had little cover. Even a squad of elite commandos will struggle under those circumstances, and regular soldiers would have probably been eviscerated. Moreover, Honch was using the shock cannon, which could one-shot any Badnik, so he was the priority target, hence him showing up bloodied and battered. Honestly, the team did well to not lose anyone.

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