February 14, 2020



Commentary for February 14, 2020:

Oh heck! Itís Tikal!

Tikal has (to my knowledge) never appeared in a 2D Sonic game, so there arenít any official sprites of her. I created some custom ones back around 2004, which were some of my best work at the time, but they havenít aged at all well. So, naturally, I needed to create some new ones. And I have to say, Iím pretty pleased with how they turned out. I decided to simplify her design a little, particularly her skirt, which I just made a solid green instead of the green, white, and pink pattern in official media. Aside from that, however, the look I was going for here is somewhere between Sonic Adventure and Sonic X.

I mentioned before that remaking this story for Eonís World by removing a protracted fight with Megatron led to this story being shorter than the version originally told in Eonís Comic. A straight re-creation of the original would have been nine pages, whereas this version is only eight, and I could have made it as few as six, if I hadnít included the prologue page involving Horatio and this epilogue page showing Eggmanís now fully operational space bridge and Tikalís return.

The prologue page would have been at the start of the next chapter if I hadnít included it in this one, however, and I felt rounding off Chapter 20 with this page was important to the wider narrative. It also nicely connects the events of Chapter 20 with those of Chapter 21, which begins tomorrow.

Strap yourselves in, dear readers, because Chapter 21 is going to be intense!

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