Rise of the Empire

In the wake of the ARK crisis, political turmoil has gripped the United Federation. Seeking to take advantage of the situation, a new faction arises that may prove to be more dangerous even than the evil Doctor Eggman. Freedom Fighters old and new rise to meet these challenges as the tale of Eonís World begins.

Season 1 contains Eon's World Vol. 1, Chapters 1 through 17.


Chapter 1 - Eclipse

Chapter 2 - Dark Designs

Chapter 3 - The Lost Princess

Chapter 4 - Rise of the Empire

Chapter 5 - The Candidate

Chapter 6 - Hooligans

Chapter 7 - Echidnas and Emeralds

Chapter 8 - The Election of 3232

Chapter 9 - Carnival Chaos

Chapter 10 - That Old Black Magic

Chapter 11 - Shadow and Flame

Chapter 12 - The Princess of the Republic

Chapter 13 - The Guardian's Quest

Chapter 14 - Grudge

Chapter 15 - When Worlds Collide

Chapter 16 - Fatal Errors

Chapter 17 - Rising Chaos (Season Finale)


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