March 1, 2020



Commentary for March 1, 2020:

Okay, so in the Archie Sonic comic, the only names given for Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2 were their first names. No surnames were given. But thatís not enough for me. I need to know their ranks and their full names, even if itís just behind-the-scenes stuff for me as the writer. But in any case, when you introduce a military officer to someone, youíre going to introduce them the way Rouge does here (ďrank surnameĒ), even if they are a fairly casual where rank and protocol are concerned. So I decided Dutch is a colonel and his surname is McKenzie -- Colonel Dutch McKenzie. The rest of the team all have ranks and full names, too. You may learn them when they appear again in the future.

Now, how about that Kari-Ya lying to her mother about what Tikal had been holding back? Well, I figured teenagers lying to their parents to stay out of trouble is not at all unusual; after all, Kari-Ya found out that Tikal had a useful ability, and she then failed to prevent her escape, something which would definitely get her yelled at. Of course, itís also possible that Kari-Ya is hoping she might be able to use that info to her own advantage at a later date.

Fun fact, though: In the old days of Eonís Comic, this narrative twist wouldnít have been possible. I characterised Sora-Ya as having low level telepathy, which made it impossible for anyone to lie in her presence without her knowing. This ability never really served any purpose and eventually just kind of fell by the wayside, so I decided not to bother with it for Eonís World. Sora-Ya is actually a perfectly normal Mobian echidna, although she is well trained in combat and strategy, et cetera. A badass normal, essentially.

Credits: some Rouge sprites originally made by Zig Sonar.

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